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Welcome to our Partners Page!

Welcome to our Partners Page! At WuduWash, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners who share our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for personal hygiene. Through these valued partnerships, we strive to enhance the accessibility and convenience of performing ablution (Wudu) for Muslims around the world.

Our partners include leading manufacturers, distributors, and organizations that contribute to the development and success of WuduWash. Together, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the lives of individuals by promoting cleanliness, purity, and spiritual well-being.

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Insights and Perspectives: Voices of Our Valued Partnerships


Thank you for the wudu sink which I have had the pleasure of using at AXA XL offices in London. The facilities are excellent and a great innovation which has gone down really well in the office.

Fiaz Raja
AXA Insurance

It has been an enjoyable project for us, and the staff and students are very pleased with our new prayer room. Bordesley Green campus in Birmingham.


The on-site team was totally over the moon and seriously blown away by how awesome your combined system performed.


Partnering with WuduWash, known for pioneering Wudu products, strengthens our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for our signatory employers, ensuring excellence in both product quality and value for money.

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