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Wants to know more about Wuduwash?

What are wudu products?

Wudu products are unique bathroom appliances to help make it easier for users to carry out their ablution needs before carrying out their daily prayer. Our products at WuduWash are quick and easy to install and can be fitted in any commercial or residential establishment.

How can I buy specific Wudu products from WuduWash?

You can view our selection of products through our website and enquire directly via the "Get in Touch" tab to find out more about prices and the services we have to offer.

What services do you provide?

At WuduWash we also offer installation on all our products. Please get in contact with a member of our team to find out how much installation will be for your purchase.

How to install WuduWash prodcuts

All WuduWash products come with wastage, pipes and taps which can be very easy installed.

How long it will take to deliver?

For mainland UK delivery you should expect to have your WuduWash product within 3-5 working days. For international orders please allow up 10-15 working days. Get in touch with a member of our team for more details.


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Get Wudu Sinks For Performing All Your Ablution Needs. Order Today!

Want to make it easier to perform Wudu before the daily prayers at your workplace? Or do you need ablution (Wudu) products for your gym in the USA? You’re at the right place! Install the versatile and elegant Wudu washing sink and provide a safe, convenient and hygienic way to carry out Wudu wherever you wish!


It is mandatory to rid ourselves of minor impurities like urinating, defecating, and sleeping among other things before praying. This ritual washing of our body parts in a specific order, as per fardh, is Wudu. Wudu is such an important part of Salah that without it your prayer will not be accepted by Allah.

Wudu must be done in order and in a continuous manner. This implies that the parts of the body must be washed one after the other with no long gaps between washing one part and the next. This is where a compact foot washer for wudu comes in.

It is important to have the best ablution wudu basin for public use, so that you can perform Wudu uninterrupted when praying in a public space. Wudu Wash products have different features that are suitable for use in different spaces.

Installing a compact foot washer for wudu is easy, convenient and affordable. The compact wudu washer for small spaces is designed to take up less space while resolving the issue of discomfort for people in performing Wudu.

Explore the range: From compact foot washer for wudu to high-end wudu washer for luxury homes!

Most public places, including offices, hospitals and gyms, require people to perform all sunnah and farz of wudu in the wash basin and to wash their feet inside the restroom, which can be inconvenient. From ablution (Wudu) basin for school use to the best ablution wudu products for hospitality industry, Wudu Wash has a range of products to make Wudu convenient across a myriad of public spaces like school, gym, corporate office, and more.

Before you seek comfort in prayers, it is important to be comfortable in performing Wudu before your prayer. Whether you want to install the best ablution wudu basin for public use or are planning to get a dual level wudu basin for a mosque, Wudu Wash has it all.

When praying in your office, excess water on the floor is no longer a problem with a wudu washing sink. It is easily installed, and encourages in your office a multi-faith environment.

Buy a wudu sink for sale and have access to water for performing Wudu no matter where you pray every day. Offer prayer five times a day without an inconvenience, because when performing a ritual this important, inconvenience should never be an issue! Does your gym schedule clash with the time to offer your prayers? There's no need to keep an extra bottle of water or wash yourself in the toilet; simply install ablution (Wudu) products for gyms in the US and you're set!

It’s time you get a wudu sink for home, and ensure hygiene and cleanliness, always! The affordable wudu basin for home in UAE is designed to complement your home and faith.

Make performing ablution hygienic and convenient–order Wudu Wash products today!