An overview of Wudu & its health benefits

The Arabic word wudu (ablution) is the act of washing particular body parts. These body parts include the hands, mouth, face, arms, nose, and feet. Wudu (ablution) is one of the most important rules of Islam. Wudu is required for prayer, Quran recitations, Tawaf of Kaaba, etc. Wudu is an excellent means of purification and cleanliness.

Wudu is a shield against germs in our daily life. Doing Wudu five times a day can save you from many diseases. Modern studies have shown that Wudu is the golden rule for protecting health. Here are a few benefits of wudu (ablution) in its every step.

Washing hands: In wudu, one should wash both hands up to the wrist thrice. After that, one should rinse the mouth. If the hands are not washed, then the germs of the hands enter the body through the mouth and cause numerous diseases. Since people do all their actions with the help of their hands, it is normal for germs to stick. That's why health scientists are now recommending washing hands thoroughly with soap.

Gargling mouth: Gargling the mouth three times is Sunnah. Gargling dislodges the food particles stuck to the teeth, which get stuck between the teeth and cause bad breath. Medical scientists say that perfect teeth mean good health. Gargling keeps the teeth clean and cures pyorrhea. Apart from this, gargling can prevent tonsil and throat diseases.

Rinsing Nose: The nose is the only way to breathe. And the air that is breathed contains numerous destructive germs, which enter through the nose. Germs get stuck inside the nose of many people. So, if you rinse the inside of the nose with water, it will come out. Also, if water enters the nose, the brain will be alive, eyesight will be sharp, and sinusitis will be relieved.

Washing Face: Numerous diseases are flying in the air, which the eye cannot see. Since our face is uncovered, those germs accumulate in the mouth. Apart from that, dust particles fly and fall on the face, the only treatment for which is wudu. Health and beauty experts say washing your face daily benefits beauty and good health. American Council for Beauty member Lady Hitcher said Muslims do not need to use any kind of chemical lotion. Wudu protects them from all facial diseases by wudu. Washing the Face can create radiance, suppleness, and softness in the skin of the face. As a result, Appearance becomes beautiful. It also strengthens the eye's skin and prevents various eye diseases.

Washing hands up to the elbows: It is fard to wash both hands up to the elbows. It increases blood circulation in the hands and strengthens the hand muscles. Apart from that, the veins of the hand are connected to the veins of the whole body. So if you wash your hands up to the elbows, the effect extends to the whole body. Washing hands up to the elbows is especially important for heart blood circulation and energy. Because there are three types of large veins in the elbow, which are related to the heart, brain, and liver. Washing hands up to the elbow energizes the above three organs and protect them from disease.

Wiping head: The head is the most important of all human organs. Massaging the head relieves dizziness, cold, and insomnia and improves eyesight. Also, Wiping the head with wet hands removes the dust stuck in the hair. Modern research has shown that head massage cures ear ailments. During wiping the head, we insert our fingers inside the ear. It clears the ears and increases hearing. Wiping the outer part of the ear relieves shortness of vision.

Washing feet: Our feet are the most affected by dust and germs. Therefore, Islam has ordered us to wash our feet five times a day through wudu and clean our toes so that no germs get stuck. It will increase blood circulation. Heart, kidney, stomach, etc. organs are related to feet. For this reason, if you wash your feet, you get relief from diseases such as loss of appetite, fever, dizziness, sexual weakness, etc.

According to medical scientists, organs washed consistently in wudu benefit health. They said pouring water on both hands at the beginning of wudu activates the veins in the body, then gradually, its effects reach the veins of the face and brain. Washing the hands first in Wudu, then Rinsing the mouth, then watering the nose, then washing the face and other parts — the sequence is beneficial for disease prevention. Many foreign hospitals accept Wudu as a medicine to cure patients of various disorders. It is believed that the rate of depression cases among Muslims is low due to the use of 5 times Wudu.

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